【EVENT】The Future of International Entrepreneurship in Kyoto

Here, we present the first public event of The 90days Kyoto Stay Program!

The Kyoto market as an international entrepreneur can feel like a unique playing field, even for seasoned players.
Join us for a discussion on learning the unique Kyoto game.We’ll delve into the best tools to embed the right factors into the fabric of your business, and to navigate the twists and turns of this dynamic market.You don’t live in Kyoto yet?
Don’t worry. Online participation is also available.

【Date】27th Feb 2024


Here are our amazing panels.

●Hideki Syo 

Director: JETRO Kyoto 

Born in Yokohama Japan, education in Japan and Canada. Graduated from University of Kyoto, with Bachelor of Economics. Joined JETRO, the Japan External Trade Organization, in April 1991. Specialized in trade promotion activities, as well as direct foreign investment promotion in and from Japan. Working experience in JETRO Global offices, such as in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for 4 years, in Chicago, U.S.A. for 5 years and in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for 8 years. Posted in JETRO Kyoto office as the chief director since November 2021.

●Masako Hino 

General Manager: genten LLC  

Experienced and versatile professional with a diverse background across industries. Currently serving as the General Manager at genten LLC, specializing in facilitating the entry of overseas startups into the Japanese market. Skilled in supporting Japanese startups in global expansion and contributing to the growth of the startup ecosystem in the Kansai region.

Tomoki Oka 岡 友樹

Senior Associate: Seiho Investment WorksInc. 

Graduated from theUniversity of Electro-Communications (Quantum Physics and Engineering).  Joined Toshiba Information Systems Corporation in 2006. Engaged in the development and PM of the National Tax Agency’s electricity demand forecasting system. Started angel investment activities in 2016, established Future Convenience Co.Ltd., in 2021. He has built a matching platform for companies and experts as a representative director. Became an IT consultant at Vision Consulting in 2022 then served as a sourcing officer for Antler, an accelerator VC in Singapore in 2023. In the current position at Seiho Investment Works since September 2023.

【Time table】

16:30-16:35 Greetings  
16:35-16:50 Introduction of comitment for startup ecosystem by Kyoto prefecture
16:50-17:45 Panel&Q&A (Modarator : Sesto Ueda)
THEME1  Funds, networking, traction, social relevance:the mapping of priorities in Kyoto
THEME2  What would you be happy to see in a Kyoto-basedstartup?
17:45-18:15 Short pitches by participants of the progra
18:15-18:30 Closing 
18:30-20:30  Networking 


Organized by: Kyoto prefecture and Glocal Center