Business Facilities

Keihanna Science City

Keihanna Science City has been constructed under a Japanese national project, and 30 years have passed since its construction began. Currently, there are more than 130 research laboratories, universities and companies located in this area, and these have been achieving many leading-edge outcomes in research and development. Now that the city has entered its next phase, the Keihanna Research Complex project, called Keihanna RC, is stimulating organizations in this area to cooperate with others, both within and outside the area, in the pursuit of world-class innovations. The project is being promoted with a variety of tools: integrated R&D in different fieldshuman resources developmentcommercialization supportequipment sharing; and an innovation hub & overall promotion.


With support from the Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto City, and local industry, Kyoto Research Park (KRP) was born as the first private operated Research Park in Japan. Since its opening 1989, KRP has now grown to host over 520 tenant companies and institutions in the field of ICT, Biotech, Electronics, Machinery, and etc. It aims to be the base for new business creation and the base for collaboration between industry, academia and government in the Kyoto region.
KRP offers 2 types of services to its tenants and to the region. The first service is the Spatial Services. It is to provide safe, secure and pleasant environment for the tenants and visitors at KRP. The Second service is the Support Services. The Support Services consist from New Business Creation Activities and Business Support Activities. The 2 services do not stand alone. They are well combined to enhance new innovation from this area.

Innovation Hub Kyoto

Innovation Hub Kyoto is a facility for open innovation established within Kyoto University.
Experienced professionals in academic research, start-up establishment, large company management, and investment gather here, forming networks to facilitate information and personnel exchange, aiming to nurture biomedical-related start-ups and grow research seeds into business opportunities.

MTRL FabCafe Kyoto

MTRL is a global platform that supports co-creation by creators and the manufacturers of various materials, giving birth to innovation. We work with a range of materials, from common materials such as wood, metal, and cloth, to traditional craft materials and cutting-edge technology fitted with sensors and modules.
This flagship MTRL location was opened in Kyoto: the city where tradition and innovation live hand in hand. It finds its home in a once-factory built 120 years ago that now attracts creators of all creeds, ranging from designers to engineers, artists, and even practitioners of traditional crafts.