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How to open a corporate bank account?

If you have established a Japan-based corporation, the next step in your company registration journey is opening a corporate bank account in Japan. Where you will face a suprisingly difficult challenge. Since 2019, Financial Services Agency has tightened regulation for money laundering risk management. Thefore, screening for foreigners to open a corporate bank account became more severe and which makes the whole process more complicated. It has to be noted that there are a very littel amount of staffs are capable of speaking English or any other languages at banks neither regardeless scales of them.

To understand the whole process, here is an article which is most relevand and detailed article for this:

Clearly, financila accessibility is a key to cultivate better enviroment for international entrepreneurs eco system and changes are expected in near future.
But few more years are pridicted to come to the next stage, if you need any further help or assistance, please contact to us from here.