Life Emergency and Disaster

Emergency Calls

Police: 110

Fire and Ambulance: 119

Emergency calls are answered 24 hours a day and free of charge. Interpretation service for is available when you call 119.

Injuries and Sudden Illnesses

In case of sudden illness or serious injury, call for an ambulance by dialing 119.

In cases of minor injury or non-life threatening illness, use a taxi or car, etc. to get to a hospital or clinic.

Calling an ambulance is free of charge, but you are required to pay for your medical treatment at medical institutions.

Accident and Incident

If you are the victim:

Report the accident to the police immediately. If the accident is not reported to the police, you will not be able to obtain the Traffic Accident Certificate or Kotsujiko Shoumei-sho, which is required to receive insurance claim payments.

Confirm the address and name of the driver, the owner of the vehicle (if the driver is not the owner), vehicle number, the validity period of the vehicle insurance policy and the name of the insurance company. Even if you think your injuries are minor, please get a medical check-up. Injuries may become worse as time passes.


If you have caused an accident:

Give first-aid to the victim and call an ambulance (119). Take precautions to observe road safety.

If you cause an accident while driving a car or riding a bicycle, you must report it to the police.


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