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SIM Cards

Types of SIM Cards

Budget SIM Card Payment: After usage via credit card or bank transfer. Purchase Method: Requires simple documentation. Delivered to your home or picked up at the airport after purchase.

Prepaid SIM Card Payment: Prepayment before usage. Purchase Method: Available for purchase anytime at convenience stores or airports.


The following are Representative examples of each type of SIM card.

Budget SIM Cards


Requires passport or resident card documentation. Payment via credit card, bank transfer, or at convenience stores. Note: Initial payment includes two months’ worth for the current month and the following month.

JP SMART SIM Official Page

  • Mobal

Online application available. Application possible even without a resident card or credit card.

Mobal Official Page


Prepaid SIM Cards


Choose between 1GB, 3GB, or 6GB for 30 days or 2GB for 3 months. Available mainly at electronics retailers with open prices. 1GB/30days, 2GB/90GB: 3GB/30days, 6GB/30days:


If you don’t have Wi-Fi at your place, we recommend the hassle-free Wi-Fi that requires no installation, simply plug it into the electrical outlet. However, for most of companies require payment with a Japanese credit/debit card.


Here are some examples.

  • SoftBank Air

SoftBank Air Official Page (Jap. only)

  • Rakuten Turbo

Rakuten Turbo Official Page (Jap. only)