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The city is easily accessble to any places. Local residents typically utilize trains, subways, buses, or bicycles, depending on their destination.


What is ICOCA

“ICOCA” is an IC card issued by West Japan Railway Company (JR West).

It’s used for transportation on trains, buses, and at some stores, serving as a convenient and easy way to pay for fares and certain purchases.


How to get ICOCA

ICOCA can be purchased at station counters or ticket vending machines, identifiable by the ICOCA logo as indicated on the reference page.

The price is 2000 yen per a card (1500 yen initial charge and a 500 yen deposit).

Please note that purchasing with a credit card is not available.


Kyoto has 8 differrent train companies:

JR, Hankyu Railway, Keihan Electric Railway, Subway, Kintetsu Railway, Keifuku Electric Railroad(the Randen Line), Eizan Electric Railway, Kyoto Tango Railway



There are multiple bus services operating in Kyoto including Kyoto City Buses operated by Kyoto City and the privately-operated Kyoto Kotsu, Keihan Kyoto Kotsu, Kyoto Bus, Kyoto Keihan Bus and JR Bus.


Most of local people in Kyoto commute by bikes as Kyoto is a bike-friendly city. It is useful for you to get a bicycle.

There are many bicycle shops in the city but online platforms shown in below are also popular for international people.


Online Platform


Bicycle shops