Life Personal Bank Accounts and Debit Cards

Opening Personal Bank Accounts

As of February 2024, the following banks allow online account opening and issue a combined cash card and debit card.


Japan Post Office Bank (ゆうちょ銀行)

Japan Post Office Bank Official Page

*We recommend using Google Translate instead of the English version of this page

The application process online

Debit Card: Japan Post Bank Debit Application Method

*You cannot apply for it if your period of stay expires within one year from the date of your application for Japan Post Bank Debit.


Sumitomo Mitsui Bank (三井住友銀行)

*The application for debit cards from this bank is currently suspended.

Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Official Page (Eng.)


Rakuten Bank (楽天銀行)

Rakuten Bank Official Page (Eng.)

Debit Card: Rakuten Bank Debit Card (Jap.)


Sony Bank (ソニー銀行)

Sony Bank Official Page (Eng.)

Debit Card: Sony Bank WALLET (Debit)